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Mackenzie McCaffrey

Mackenzie McCaffrey joined Roulston Urquhart Criminal Defence in September 2021 while completing her Juris Doctor at the University of Calgary Faculty of Law. Mackenzie McCaffrey will complete her articles with Roulston Urquhart Criminal Defence and be called to the bar in June of 2024.

Under the mentorship of Tonii Roulston and Andrea Urquhart, Mackenzie McCaffrey has worked on files in all areas of criminal law, including sexual assault, firearms offences, first- and second- degree murder, and domestic and other violent crimes. Her in-depth experience working in the provincial and federal correctional systems gives her direct insight into the needs of her clients. Mackenzie McCaffrey is up to date on new advances in the law, especially with respect to evidence and rules of court.

Mackenzie McCaffrey appears daily in the Alberta Court of Justice to defence the presumption of innocence and to advocate for clients charged with any type of crime.

Education & Background

Mackenzie McCaffrey received her Bachelor of Arts with Distinction in Criminology from the University of Alberta in 2018. In 2020, Mackenzie McCaffrey graduated with a Master of Arts in Criminology and Sociolegal Studies from the prestigious University of Toronto School of Criminology and Faculty of Law joint program. Mackenzie McCaffrey worked in provincial and federal correctional services throughout the completion of both degrees.

In 2020, Mackenzie McCaffrey joined Student Legal Assistance at the University of Calgary Faculty of Law, starting work with persons charged with offences in the Alberta Court of Justice. As a caseworker and Student Director of the program, Mackenzie McCaffrey helped countless individuals have charges withdrawn for assault, uttering threats, weapons offences, and domestic offences.

Mackenzie McCaffrey also participated in mooting, representing the University of Calgary at the Gale Cup moot in Ottawa in 2023. Mackenzie McCaffrey argued for the right of persons under investigation to be able to speak with a lawyer pursuant to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. During her final semester at the Faculty of Law, Mackenzie McCaffrey revitalized the Alberta Court of Justice Clerkship Course and worked with The Honourable Justice P.J. Mason and A.A. Fradsham in the Criminal Division, gaining valuable insight into the court.

Awards & Experience

Mackenzie McCaffrey received a number of awards throughout law school for her outstanding academic performance and incredible success in advocacy. Amongst other awards, Mackenzie McCaffrey has been awarded:

  • The W. Bernie Kelly, Q.C. Memorial Prize for outstanding performance in legal and professional ethics;
  • The Anne and Murray Fraser Advocacy Award for academic achievement and outstanding contributions to Student Legal Assistance;
  • The John A. MacPherson, Q.C. Memorial Scholarship for excellence in advocacy; and
  • The Access to Justice Award for extraordinary contributions to the provision of legal services in Calgary and surrounding areas.

Upon graduation, Mackenzie McCaffrey was awarded the prestigious Campbell McLaurin Achievement Award for her outstanding academic performance and exceptional contributions to the Faculty of Law during her three years of study. Known also as the “Silver Medal” for the graduating class, the Campbell McLaurin Achievement Award represents Mackenzie McCaffrey’s constant dedication to excellence in advocacy and law.