Tonii K. Roulston

Named by the Calgary Herald in 2007 as a “Compelling Calgarian” to watch Tonii Roulston has built a reputation as a tough criminal lawyer known for her strategic thinking and effectiveness in the courtroom.  Devoting her entire legal career to the practice of criminal law, Tonii Roulston’s career has been defined by taking on a variety of tough high profile cases.  Currently, Tonii Roulston is counsel on the infamous gang homicide known as the “New Years Day Bolsa Triple Murder”; Castor, Alberta Triple Homicide; Lethbridge, Alberta Triple Homicide; gang-related Conspiracy to Commit Murder and a Multi-Million Dollar Fraud.  Most recently, Tonii Roulston has represented a basketball coach charged with sexual exploitation of his student; and an ex-solider charged with weapon offences with an attack plan on Veteran's affairs in Calgary, Alberta.  



Given her experience, Tonii Roulston is often consulted by organizations and media to comment on developments in the law including in July 2014 where she was asked to comment on the recent decision from the Supreme Court of Canada of R. v. Hart 2014 SCC 52 which dealt with the controversial investigative technique commonly referred to as a “Mr. Big Operation”(  Tonii Roulston has also run seminars on cross-examination for University of Calgary law students involved in Student Legal Assistance. 

Successfully defending criminal cases involves a commitment to stay on top of new legal developments as well as advancements in investigative techniques.  Tonii Roulston’s membership to the largest organization for Criminal Defence lawyers in the United States (National Association of Criminal Defence Lawyers (NACDL)) has enabled her to do this.  Through her attendance in a number of conferences throughout the United States including “Defending Drug Cases”, “Forensic Science and the Law” and “Zealous Advocacy in Sexual Assault and Child Victims Cases” Ms. Roulston has developed advanced cross-examination techniques and in depth knowledge of a variety of psychological and medical defences . Ms. Roulston is also a member of the Law Society of Alberta, the Canadian Bar Association and the Calgary Criminal Defence Lawyers Association. 



Over the last 11 years Tonii Roulston’s practice has focused primarily on defending individuals at the trial level, where she has successfully defended individuals against all criminal offences including: murder, organized crime, sexual assault, impaired driving, drug offences, domestic assault, white collar crime, child pornography, internet based crimes and impaired driving.   She prides herself on defending all of her clients with the same level of intensity and professionalism regardless of the charges they face.  

Tonii Roulston has defined her career defending some of the highest profile and difficult sexual assault cases.  She understands that just the allegations of sexual assault could change your life forever.  If you have been charged with a sex crime, you want an experienced defence lawyer who will protect your rights, cross examine the so-called victim with vigor and make sure you get to tell your side of the story.  Tonii Roulston truly cares about the effect on your life before, during and after the accusation, the charges and the trial. Tonii Roulston has tried numerous sexual assault cases winning outright acquittals when other lawyers thought the case was impossible to win.

In a recent interview, Criminal Defence Lawyer, Tonii K. Roulston said, “Accusations of sexual assault are the easiest accusations to make-up because the so-called victim is automatically believed often times without proper investigation.  As soon as this occurs, the accused person should contact a lawyer so that we can start our own investigation and take the offensive.”

Tonii Roulston has successfully defended against a variety of driving offences including DUI/impaired driving, refusal, over 80, and dangerous driving.  Tonii Roulston is up to date on the law in an area that is constantly evolving.  She prides herself on providing comprehensive briefs of law to defend her client’s Charter rights to successfully defend the case.  Tonii Roulston is victorious in obtaining withdrawal of charges, curative discharges and acquittals. 

Tonii Roulston has successfully defended a wide range of different types of drugs including cocaine, marihuana, ecstasy, methamphetamine, heroin etc. with varying quantities from small amounts to pounds and kilograms.  Even the smallest amount of drugs can affect your life if you obtain a criminal record so it is critical that a drug lawyer who has experience in these matters utilizes every defence available.  Tonii Roulston will seek to find a defence to your drug matter that may include fighting a Search Warrant, making a Charter Application to exclude the drug evidence, arguing possession, and arguing that the police did not follow proper procedures.

Tonii Roulston has defended several violent offences including domestic violence to murder/manslaughter charges successfully with positive results.  These types of offences require your lawyer to consider every possible defence due to the seriousness of the charge.  Tonii Roulston has defended a range of murder cases from the most complicated first-degree murder cases involving firearms, wiretap and undercover operations by police officers to manslaughters and assaults involving knife fights.  Tonii Roulston has defended a murder case successfully where the client was found unfit to stand trial thus avoiding jail.  She has had a manslaughter case withdrawn by the Crown Prosecutor.  She has had second-degree murder charges reduced to manslaughter.  

In a recent interview, when asked to comment about a client charged with committing 3 homicides, Tonii Roulston stated: “Regardless of the information released by the police, the accused is presumed innocent.  In Canada, the presumption of innocence still exists  no matter the charge.”



Tonii Roulston has conducted bail hearings for all types of charges from simple possession of drugs and theft to more serious charges such as aggravated assaults, sexual assaults, firearms, and trafficking drugs.  Tonii Roulston’s belief is that obtaining bail for her client is of the utmost importance.  The client’s release will not only benefit the client’s wellbeing but also allow the client to assist in defending his or her own case.



Ms. Roulston received her Bachelor of Law from the University of Calgary in 2003.  She also received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Calgary where she majored in Political Science and minored in Economics.

Ms. Roulston has volunteered at the Animal Rescue Foundation (A.R.F) and fostered dogs. She also is a supporter of the Calgary Humane Society and the World Society for the Protection of Animals (W.S.P.A.)