Bail elusive for HIV-positive Calgary man accused of having unprotected sex with several women

The HIV-positive Calgary man accused of having unprotected sex with six women will remain behind bars while a judge waits for more information from his lawyer.

Provincial court Judge John Bascom adjourned J.M. bail hearing on Tuesday after hearing lengthy submissions from Crown prosecutor Janice Walsh and defence lawyer Andrea Urquhart.

Bascom wants Urquhart to gather further information pertaining to her client’s bail bid before he decides whether to release J.M. pending trial.

A court order prohibits publication of evidence in the case and the submissions of counsel, including what further information Bascom requires.

J.M., 41, faces 10 charges, including six of aggravated sexual assault surrounding allegations by six separate women, including one from between November 2001 to February 2002.

He was initially charged with two counts of aggravated sexual assault in connection with alleged contact with women in Airdrie and Innisfail last December.

After a third complainant came forward, police took the rare step last June of issuing a public warning for women not to become romantically involved with him.

Three other woman have filed similar complaints since that public warning.

J.M. also faces three charges he breached the conditions of his release and one of voyeurism.

At an earlier bail hearing on the first three charges, which was not subject to a ban, Walsh told court J.M. was diagnosed as being HIV-positive more than a decade ago.

Bascom adjourned his decision on bail until Oct. 3 when Urquhart is due to present further information.



Kevin Martin; Calgary Sun

September 24 2013


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