D.V. Apologizes to victim of sexual exploitation

D.V. apologized to victim of sexual exploitation, luring and making child pornography charges. D.V. who is 40, was a basketball coach to the then 15 year old girl and pled guilty to the charges against him stemming from a sexual relationship with her. During sentencing submissions, defence counsel Tonii Roulston asked for a two year jail term with three years probation and the crown asked for seven to eight years. Roulston argued that her proposed sentence would be in line with past sentences given to coaches in similar circumstances.

Sentencing Submissions for D.V.

Former Basketball coach D.V. pled guilty to charges linked to a two year sexual relationship with an underage player. Crown counsel and defence lawyer Tonii Roulston submitted an agreed statement of facts during his sentencing. Roulston requested further testing for the accused. 

D.V. Sentenced to 3.5 Years in Prison

D.V. was given a three and a half year jail sentence for having a sexual relationship with one of the underage players on a basketball team that he coached. Justice Bensler of Queen’s Bench stated that there were aggravating and mitigating factors. After hearing submissions from crown, and defence counsel Tonii Roulston, Justice Bensler acknowledged that D.V. was remorseful and took responsibility but nevertheless breached a trust relationship with the victim.

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