Driver jailed for fleeing from police

A Calgary man who didn't slow down when an RCMP officer tried to pull him over and was stopped by a spike belt at the Banff Park gates has been sent to jail.

Judge Les Grieve sentenced C.B., to four months for evading police.

The decision came down Wednesday at the Canmore provincial courthouse. The judge accepted a joint submission by Crown prosecutor Luke Faught and defence lawyer Andrea Urquhart.

C.B. had pleaded guilty to breaching release conditions by being out after curfew and for being in the company of his passenger.

"If you run from police, you will not likely get bail, and if convicted, you will likely be jailed," Grieve said. "This offender endangered the police who were forced to pursue him and endangered other potential users of this busy highway. They deserve protection, and he deserves both punishment and help."

Court heard that C.B., who has a 15-year-old son, was driving a Dodge truck westbound on the Trans-Canada Highway on Jan. 1 when police spotted him and tried to get him to stop.

When he didn't do so, they set up the spike belt. He went over the belt at an estimated speed of 170 km/h.

The belt caused all four tired on the truck to deflate and he drove into a ditch.

Then, said Grieve, C.B. and his female passenger fled into the woods.

Police sent in a tracking dog, which found the accused and bit him, allowing officers to make the arrest.

Grieve gave the man credit for 79 days already spent in custody since the incident, leaving him 41 more days to serve. He was also placed on probation for 18 months after his release, in order to deal with his heroin addiction.



Daryl Slade, Calgary Herald

March 21 2013


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