Ex-boyfriend falsely accused of assault

Calgary man told court on Monday that his ex-girlfriend's vindictive attempts to get him charged with false criminal offences have taken a toll.

"The actions of J.Y.R. have greatly affected my life," L.T. said in his victim impact statement at her sentencing hearing. "I'm not able to sleep, I have nightmares daily.

"Because of her allegations, police showed up at my door a dozen times. Her actions caused me to become extremely paranoid. I'm always looking over my shoulder. My windows and doors are constantly locked and my curtains are drawn. J.Y.R.’s actions also cost me a lot of money to pay lawyers to fight her allegations."

J.Y.R., 24, previously pleaded guilty to one count of criminal harassment and four counts of public mischief for reporting false allegations to police.

"She implicated him in serious criminal allegations, from criminal harassment to arson to break and enter with a firearm," said Crown prosecutor Darren Maloney, who is seeking a three-year prison sentence.

"This began in April 2011 and continued almost constantly for five months. This was repeated again in January 2013 while on release for the 2011 offences. Her method and S.M.er was deliberate and planned, a calculated and targeted continuous attack."

J.Y.R.'s lawyer Tonii Roulston, who is seeking a 22-month conditional sentence to be served in the community under partial house arrest, said her client has taken great steps to improve herself since the offences in 2011, shortly after she and L.T. broke up, and again while on bail in January 2013.

Roulston noted that J.Y.R. told doctors in a court-ordered psychiatric/psychological report: "I was so busy trying to create a monster that I became a monster myself."

Before provincial court Judge Ken MacLeod adjourned for sentencing, J.Y.R. apologized and pleaded with him not to send her to jail.

"I made a lot of progress in counselling," she said. "I'm able to change and will be most happy if you allow me to remain in the community."

On March 23, 2011, court heard, J.Y.R. contacted Calgary police alleging a historic domestic assault by L.T., but no charges were laid. The following day, she obtained a restraining order against him and, another day later, she alleged that he had assaulted her on numerous occasions during their relationship.

J.Y.R. also sent emails and letters to herself or her mother, purportedly from L.T., in another attempt to stir up the pot. L.T. became a "high priority target" for police and he was initially charged with offences.

On July 23, 2011, shortly after midnight, J.Y.R., then living with her mother, called police saying someone had set fire to their home. The Calgary Fire Department arrived to find the home engulfed in flames. Nobody was injured but the home sustained substantial damage. J.Y.R. also reported that someone had written "DIE BITCH" on the passenger window of her car.

She told police she suspected L.T. was responsible for the fire. Video surveillance showed no one coming of going from the front of the home.

The next day, J.Y.R. contacted police to say L.T. had slipped a photo of her with an X through her face under the door of her room at the hotel where she and her mother were staying, when she had actually place the photo there to implicate L.T.





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