Former FOB gangster testifies he was part of Bolsa restaurant murder plot

Witness, who cannot be named, granted immunity from charges in exchange for his truthful testimony

A former FOB gang member says he was involved in an elaborate plan to kidnap rival FK gang member A.B. and use him to set up and kill fellow FK gangster S.M..

M.M., who cannot be named in order to protect his identity, testified Wednesday that he hatched the plan in December 2008 after a chance meeting with A.B. to buy drugs.

He said he told fellow FOB members that he had discovered A.B. worked for S.M. and that they wanted to kill him because they believed S.M. fatally shot FOB member R.C. on July 5, 2008.

"Originally, we'd go kidnap A.B. and use him to set up a meeting with S.M.," M.M. told Crown prosecutor Susan Karpa.

"N.Z. and M.R. would go in and once S.M. was murdered, then (R.H. o) and I would take A.B. out of town and kill him."

That plan, which he said was discussed after Boxing Day at a home on Elgin Way S.E. in McKenzie Towne, was supposed to be executed on Dec. 31, 2008, but had to be delayed.

M.M., who has been given immunity from charges in the murders in exchange for his truthful testimony, said N.Z. used A.B.'s phone to exchange text messages with S.M. about being robbed over a drug deal.

However, he said S.M. questioned why he was using the wrong phone - not one they always used only to discuss drug deals.

The group decided to go with A.B. to his home to get the right phone, in order to authenticate the plan with S.M..

M.M. said he had a .357 Magnum gun in his track pants and told A.B. that if he tried anything, he would blow off his mother's head and his head.

While he was there, he said, he took all of A.B.'s drugs and $3,500 cash, which he later shared with N.Z. and M.R..

He said they took A.B. to a home in Marda Loop and held him at gunpoint all night.

On New Year's Day, court has heard, S.M., 23, and A.B., 21, were fatally shot at Bolsa Restaurant in Macleod Plaza.

Bystander K.S., who ran out of the restaurant when the shots rang out, was believed to have been mistaken for S.M. by a third gunman and shot to death in the parking lot.

R.H., 28, is on trial for three counts of first-degree murder.

M.M. said the original intent was not to kill A.B. but, after having kept him all night, they had no choice.

"Because, through the night, he knew faces and names. We didn't disguise ourselves," M.M. said.

"A.B. was under the impression he would live."

M.M. said R.H. rode with A.B. to Bolsa Restaurant after N.Z. received a text message from S.M. that indicated where he would be eating.

M.M. said he parked about 110 metres from the Bolsa door and watched.

He and N.H., another gang member, were going to run interference for the shooters, so they would get away.

He said he heard a dozen shots ring out, then saw M.R. chase K.S. out of Bolsa and kill him. He said R.H. was right behind him,

Then M.R., N.Z. and R.H. got into another car they had arrived in and sped away.

The witness said they all met up at N.H.’s house in Rundle in northeast Calgary, where the three shooters burned their clothing in a firepit.

He said the three men then went shopping for new clothes at Sunridge Mall and returned a while later.

M.M. said they crushed and burned the cellphones they had been using for the murders.

N.Z., 25, and M.R., 28, were each convicted of the same three charges last October and sentenced to life with no chance of parole for 25 years.

Under cross-examination by defence lawyer Tonii Roulston, M.M. admitted he had an extensive criminal record involving drugs and weapons.

The trial continues before Court of Queen's Bench Justice Glen Poelman and a jury.


Daryl Slade; Calgary Herald

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