G.G. was arrested after his wife contacted police services

G.G. told the Provincial Court that he was wrong and takes responsibility for plotting an attack on the Veterans Affairs offices. G.G. was arrested after his wife contacted police services in response to a note that made her believed G.G. to be suicidal. Defence counsel Tonii Roulston is asking for a three year sentence, minus the one year that he has already spent in custody. 

Crown, and defence counsel Tonii Roulston argued for an appropriate sentence for G.G. in front of Judge Dunnigan. G.G. pled guilty to offences stemming from weapons and explosives charges linked to a planned attack on the Bantrel Tower. G.G. is a former soldier who became frustrated with Veterans Affairs for health care costs, and is dealing with long term disability and mental health issues. Roulston argued that G.G. went back and forth with his decision to attack the building.

G.G., a former solider who planned an attack on Veterans Affair, was given a four year prison sentence with credit for the 18 months that he had already served. Upon a search, police found firearms, armour, possible bomb materials, and a blueprint of the building he planned to attack. Crown prosecution had asked for four to six years and defence counsel Tonii Roulston had asked for three. Roulston said that it was important that G.G. was given a federal sentence in light of mental health issues, and that she was pleased with the 28 months left to serve as it was close to what defence had sought.

Delay in G.G.’s Sentencing Date

Crown counsel sought a delay in the sentencing hearing for G.G. who was charged with possession of a firearm and prohibited weapon. Defence counsel Tonii Roulston expressed concern that the delay would be detrimental to G.G.’s failing health, and stated that he was prepared to get the matters dealt with. Roulston said that he had support from his friends and family, and that the charges stemming from a planned attack on the Veteran’s Affair office in Calgary were out of his character. 

Accused, GG, pled guilty to firearm and explosives charges that were linked to a plan to attack a downtown skyscraper. Crown counsel stated that terrorism charges were not laid but were considered. GG is a former solider who went on long-term disability after three years of working with military intelligence. Police found weapons, and chemicals after searching GG’s car, and a copy of the skyscraper’s building specifications. Defence lawyer Tonii Roulston asked for a publication ban and stated that the nature of the charges were unusual. Judge Dunnigan approved an interim ban on the name of the accused and his wife for two weeks until a full hearing.

Publication Ban Lifted on G.G.’s Matter

A judge has lifted the publication ban on G.G. who is charged in response to plans to attack a Calgary building. Defence lawyer Tonii Roulston said that the accused is remorseful, and didn’t have intention to follow through. She stated that his intention was to commit suicide. 

G.G., a former military intelligence officer, pled guilty to weapons charges that were linked to a plan to attack Veterans Affairs. His lawyer Tonii Roulston stated that G.G. apologizes to staff for distress and is taking responsibility for his actions. G.G. was taken to a hospital after telling police that he planned to commit suicide. Roulston says that he is still receiving treatment, and that it is a difficult time for his family. 

G.G., represented by defence lawyer Tonii Roulston, is expected to be sentenced for weapons charges linked to a plan to attack a federal officer. When found by police after a call from his wife who was concerned for his safety, G.G. was found wearing camouflage pants and sleeping with a duffle filled with a loaded handgun.

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