Lawyer claims cop trickery | Murder suspect gave 'false confession’

Murder suspect S.W. was tricked by Calgary cops into giving a false confession because he wanted to stay with their fictional criminal organization, his lawyer said Wednesday.

Defence counsel Tonii Roulston said S.W.’s claim -- that he only stood by while two other men brutally assaulted D.L. in his home -- should be believed.

Roulston said S.W’s confession to Sgt. Darren Berglind that he delivered the deadly blow to D.L.'s head with a dumbbell should be dismissed by jurors.

"Sheldon thinks they're big-time criminals," Roulston said of the phoney organization created by Berglind and other Calgary Police Service members.

"It's a show-off thing," she told jurors of S.W’s admission to Berglind.

S.W. is charged with first-degree murder in D.L.'s June 29, 2008, slaying in the basement of the victim's Braeside townhouse. In his testimony, S.W. said he lied to Berglind because he wanted to continue reaping the rewards of membership in the criminal organization.

But Crown prosecutor Cary Rodin said S.W. wanted more than the "yachts, women and houses" which would come with a continued association with the crime group.

"He wants to stay out of jail. He's there to have a problem fixed," Rodin said.

"I'm asking you to reject Mr. S.W.’s testimony," Rodin told jurors.

"The version of events that he told you in this courtroom is fraught with inconsistencies and explanations that ... defy common sense."

Rodin said the version S.W. gave to Berglind concerning what happened in D.L.'s home the morning he was slain fits with the evidence.

"What Sheldon S.W. ultimately told Det. Berglind is the truth," he said.

"Much of that description, how ultimately D.L. was brutally killed, is consistent with the evidence," Rodin said.


Kevin Martin; Calgary Sun

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