M.M. is allowed to withdraw pleas of guilty

M.M., former president of the student’s association at Mount Royal University sought new counsel in Tonii Roulston. M.M. is charged with robbery, and allegedly held-up a credit union. 

M.M. May be Withdrawing Guilty Plea

The former Mouth Royal student’s association president may withdraw an earlier plea of guilty to charges stemming from fraud and robbing a bank. New defence counsel Tonii Roulston said that she will review the case to determine an applications to withdraw the plea of guilty. 

M.M. Makes an Application to Withdraw Guilty Plea

M.M. pled guilty to robbery and fraud charges on her former counsel’s advise, but is applying to withdraw her guilty plea to fraud. In reference to allegations of a fraudulent cheque, she told new defence counsel Tonii Roulston that she obtained the cheques from a woman who purchased her laptop on Kijiji. M.M. testified that she was not attempting to withdraw her earlier plea to delay a prison sentence. 

M.M. Allowed to Withdraw Guilty Plea

The former president of the Mount Royal student’s association, M.M. is allowed to withdraw pleas of guilty to fraud upon request from new counsel, Tonii Roulston and in light of comments made during an interview with a psychiatrist. 

M.M. Faces Prison Term

After pleading guilty to robbery of a bank, M.M. was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment. Crown Counsel asked for a four year term. Defence Lawyer Tonii Roulston said that M.M. was upset but willing to take her punishment. 

Sentencing Submissions on M.M.

Prosecutors anticipate a four year prison term for M.M. who robbed a bank. Defence counsel Tonii Roulston argued for an intermittent sentence in front of Judge Brown of Calgary Provincial Court. M.M. testified that she knew that her crimes were horrible and felt incredibly guilty.

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