Massacre suspect innocent: Lawyer

Triple murder suspect R.H is an innocent man being fingered for a crime by witnesses under police and court protection, his lawyer says.

And defence counsel Tonii Roulston said unlike those protected witnesses, R.H doesn't have the luxury of naming names.

"R.H will not be able to take the stand and testify," Roulston told the four-woman, eight-man jury which will decide his fate.

"R.H does not have the protection of the Calgary police like (those witnesses), he doesn't have his moving expenses paid for ... and he's not given a secret location where he and his family can move to."

Roulston noted two witnesses who implicated R.H in their evidence can't be named and can only be identified by their initials, M.M. and C.E.

She said the two men have been given cash and help in getting their lives straightened out.

R.H faces three charges of first-degree murder in the Jan. 1, 2009 slayings of gangster S.M., his associate, A.B. and innocent bystander K.S..

S.M. and A.B. were slain in a hail of bullets by two gunmen who stormed the Bolsa restaurant off Macleod Tr., while K.S. was shot by a third, outside, as he fled the carnage.

"It is our position that R.H is not guilty of these offences, that R.H did not shoot A.B., that he did not shoot S.M., that he did not shoot K.S.,” Roulston said.

In evidence, lead homicide Det. Ric Buckley testified police withhold certain pieces of evidence, which can then later be used to identify the perpetrators.

"That information's guarded quite closely by the police so it's not shared," Buckley said.

It's expected the defence will argue R.H did not reveal any such details in confessions he gave to undercover cops


Kevin Martin; Calgary Sun

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