Police deny seeking Bolsa confession 'at all costs’

Sgt. Darren Berglind denied Tuesday that city police were motivated to obtain a confession from R.H for his alleged role in the triple homicide at Bolsa Restaurant "at all costs," because of the money dedicated to their "Mr. Big" under-cover operation.

When suggested by defence lawyer Tonii Roulston that $5 million was spent on the three-month probe into the New Year's Day 2009 murders, primarily because innocent bystander K.S. was killed, Berglind balked.

"That's offensive because that's to say police put different calibres on different lives and that's not true," Berglind replied.

The officer, who played the boss of a fictitious international criminal organization that R.H had been enticed to join, doubted Roulston's suggestion that it was the most expensive undercover probe in Canada.

"I've been involved in many long-term homicides and to say what was spent on the entire operation factors in many things," he said.

Berglind earlier said he used pro-fane language and tried to make the target comfortable so he would tell the truth about the gang-related shootings that killed K.S., 43, and two FK gang members, S.M., 23, and A.B., 21.

The officer said he had been to the scene of the crime a few days later and had extensive contact with other undercover officers before he under-took the "modified job interview" with R.H. on June 2, 2009.

Berglind said the result of the inter-view would determine greatly if R.H. was at the murder scene or close to those who were there or, conversely, not involved and would be exonerated during the Mr. Big scenario.

Crown prosecutors Rajbir Dhillon and Susan Karpa are expected to close their case when the trial before Court of Queen's Bench Justice Glen Poelman and jury resumes today.

R.H is on trial for three counts of first-degree murder.


Daryl Slade; Calgary Herald

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