Pregnant woman heard boyfriend's killing

One of three men alleged to have murdered a Calgary resident made his pregnant girlfriend listen to the deadly assault over the phone, court heard Tuesday.

In a videotaped statement to police, S.B. said she spoke to her then-boyfriend, A.S., in the early-morning hours of June 29, 2008.


What she heard so shocked her, she went into premature labour and had a baby boy within hours, S.B. told lead investigator Sgt. Dave Jennings. S.B.'s taped statement, along with her preliminary inquiry testimony, was presented to Calgary jurors after she failed to show up to testify.

In the video, introduced into evidence by defence lawyer Tonii Roulston, S.B. discussed her phone conversations with A.S. around the time of D.L.'s killing. Roulston's client, S.W., is on trial for first-degree murder in D.L.'s death, but he earlier testified A.S. and D.C. committed the deadly attack.

Both A.S. and D.C. are charged separately and have yet to go to trial.


"I don't know how long we were on the phone for, but I heard screaming and ... stabbing," S.B. said in the interview.

D.L. was badly beaten and repeatedly stabbed, although a medical examiner said head injuries from being repeatedly struck caused the victim's death.

NOTE: article is about same client, S.W. as above article from 4 Oct


Edmonton Sun

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