Firearm & Weapons Offences

Weapons Offences are charges relating to the illegal use or possession of items that fit the definition of a ‘weapon’.


Weapons Offences are charges that relate to the illegal use or possession of items that fit the definition of a ‘weapon’ as defined in the Criminal Code of Canada. 

Firearm Offences are a subset of weapons offences that refer to allegations of improper use or possession of a gun. The seriousness of a weapons offence is broad and can range from something deemed “less serious” such as unsafely storing a firearm to the charge of trafficking of a firearm.  

In some cases, a weapons charge is added to a charge such as Assault or Drug Trafficking and can increase the severity of the penalty imposed.

In some weapons cases, whether you were in possession of the weapon is at issue. If that is the case, the Crown has the obligation to prove that you had control of the weapon and knowledge of what it was.

Weapon offences typically involve police searches. Roulston Criminal Defence Firm can scrutinize the events that gave rise to the search and identify improper use of police procedure. If evidence has been obtained in violation of your Charter rights, we can make an application on your behalf so that the evidence is not admissible in your proceedings.

Due to minimum punishments in the Criminal Code of Canada, combined with the evolution of our common law, if you are merely charged with a weapons offence, your chances of obtaining judicial interim release are significantly decreased.  If you are convicted of a gun crime, it is likely you are going to spend significant time in jail.

In some cases, if you are convicted of a Firearms charge, you will be prohibited from owning a firearm for a period of 10 years to life.