Property Offences

Property Offences refer to cases where property is taken or damaged without permission.

Property offences refer to allegations where property is either taken, possessed or damaged without permission and can include offences commonly referred to as: Theft, Fraud, Possession of Stolen Property or Mischief.  

There are a variety of ways to defend property offences.   Roulston Criminal Defence Firm will identify the potential weaknesses in the Crown’s case keeping in mind all of the elements of the offence that the Crown must prove.

Individuals are often charged with property offences as a result of evidence that is obtained through a police search.  The lawyers at Roulston Criminal Defence will assess whether these searches were conducted in violation of your constitutional rights; resulting evidence may be inadmissible in your trial.  

If you are charged with an offence such as mischief or theft of property under $5,000.00, and do not have a related criminal record, you may be eligible for the Alternative Measures Program (AMP).  If you are accepted into AMP and successfully complete the requirements at outlined the charges will be withdrawn.

In addition to AMP, and in the event you suffer from mental health issues, you may be eligible for the Mental Health Diversion (MHD) program.  If you are accepted into the program, and you successfully complete the requirements of the program, the charges will be withdrawn.

Both AMP and MHD require consent from the Crown Prosecutor.

The penalty for property offences ranges from small fines to periods of imprisonment depending on the circumstances of your case and the specific offence that you have been found guilty of.  Factors including whether or not you were in a position of trust (ie. employer & employee) can result in a more severe penalty.

The lawyers at Roulston Criminal Defence will walk you through all of the potential consequences and penalties you face if you are found guilty once understanding the unique complexities of your case.