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Have You Been Charged With An Offence?

Have You Been Charged With An Offence?

Proven Results

Our Team of Experienced Criminal Defence Lawyers Will Defend You During This Challenging Time in Your Life

The lawyers at Roulston Urquhart Criminal Defence are highly skilled and dedicated to providing a vigorous and strategic defence for our clients. We understand that being charged with a criminal offence is an extremely stressful experience. We will provide detailed guidance throughout the process and be passionate advocates for your interests.

The lawyers at Roulston Urquhart Criminal Defence have more than 41 combined years of experience. Every lawyer at our firm is committed to providing clients with an exceptionally strong defence to protect your freedom and career.

We are recognized for representing clients in some of the most high-profile criminal cases in Alberta. Recently, we have provided legal representation for matters such as sexual assault, drug offences, impaired driving, violent crime, firearms, young offenders, and domestic assault.

Our criminal lawyers are very successful in resolving or receiving a withdrawal on many complicated criminal matters without the need to proceed to trial. If a trial is required, we will secure the best possible outcome for you through our detailed and thorough preparation.



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As Calgary criminal defence lawyers, we have successfully advocated on behalf of numerous clients with complex criminal charges. We will provide you with a step-by-step plan for your defence. If at all possible, we will work to resolve the matter without the need to attend trial but will provide a robust defence if a trial is necessary. Our goal is to protect your criminal record and your freedom.

Sexual Offences

Roulston Urquhart has a high success rate in defending all types of sexual offences. As female lawyers, we are able to cross examine your accuser on details that would not have otherwise been considered.

Domestic Offences

Individuals charged with a domestic offence can suffer significant financial, emotional, and personal consequences. Often the person charged is also a victim in the altercation. We can provide a solution that protects both your interests.

Assault & Threats

An assault or uttering threats conviction can result in life altering consequences to your employability, personal reputation, and relationships. We will consider multiple defence strategies including self-defence or the defence of another person.

Criminal Harassment

If you have been charged with criminal harassment it is important to have a strong legal defence team on your side. We understand the nuances of criminal defence charges and will work tirelessly to defend you against them.

Internet Crime

Internet crimes involve any illegal activity committed while using an online network. We have extensive experience in this rapidly developing area of the law and will utilize all our resources, including consultations with forensic experts, to fully defend your case.

Child Pornography

We uphold that all of our clients have the right to the presumption of innocence. Our experienced lawyers will exhaustively review your case and consider possible defences such as illegal search or in regard to the law of possession.

Firearms & Weapons

Firearm charges are among the most serious in the Criminal Code and a conviction can result in a jail sentence. Our legal team will diligently defend you against these charges to protect your freedom and avoid a criminal record if at all possible.

Drug Offences

A drug offence conviction can affect your citizenship, freedom to travel or employment. It is critical that if you are facing a drug possession charge, you do not plead guilty without consulting one of our criminal defence lawyers.


Our intention is to have you released from jail as soon as possible to participate in developing your defence. Our lawyers have extensive experience and will provide detailed guidance for you and your family.


In criminal law, murder is one of the most serious charges. These trials require superior advocacy skills due to the complex nature of the offence. Our lawyers have a great deal of experience in this field as our firm represents at least two homicides files per year.

DUI/Impaired Charges

A DUI conviction may result in disciplinary consequences including revocation of your license or jail time. Our team of lawyers understand the severity of this situation and will be diligent to protect your future interests.

IRS Applications

Don’t let an Immediate Roadside Sanction (IRS) ruin your driving record. Our well-informed lawyers can provide you with the necessary guidance and support to navigate the stressful IRS appeals process.

Youth Charges

When representing your child, preserving their rights and future is our top priority. Our lawyers possess extensive knowledge of the Youth Criminal Justice Act and have successfully defended numerous young persons’ facing these types of charges.

Property, Fraud & Theft

Your current and future employment opportunities could be greatly impacted by charges of this type. The strategic defence practices of our lawyers can help you avoid a criminal record or jail sentence.


To be successful in an appeal requires persuasive written submissions and oral advocacy, along with a creative legal mind. Our team possesses these qualities and has refined these skills over many years.

Breach Charges

A breach of your release conditions could result in a new criminal charge or even jail time. We will work in your defence to ensure the conditions established are fair and you have a true understanding to avoid a potential breach and therefore criminal record.

First Steps When Facing A Criminal Charge

Our Team of Experienced Criminal Defence Lawyers Will Defend You During This Challenging Time in Your Life

Analysis & Strategize

Our lawyers at Roulston Urquhart will review the charges against you, provide you with a legal opinion and develop a detailed plan to secure the best outcome for you.


We work diligently for our clients to avoid a criminal record or a jail sentence. We identify problems with the investigation and hold thorough discussions with the Crown. We instruct our clients on personal steps they may take to strengthen their case by illustrating their good character.

Advocacy at Trial

If the charges will not be withdrawn or a favourable resolution has not been agreed upon, then your lawyer will diligently prepare to take your matter to trial and ensure you feel fully comfortable with the process. All our lawyers have extensive trial experience and will utilize all tools available to ensure a vigorous and effective defence. This may include, but is not limited to experts, Charter applications and witnesses.