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Property, Fraud & Theft

Property Theft Lawyers

We will develop a strong defence for your case to fight the accusations being made against you.

Property, fraud and theft offences refer to cases in which personal property is taken without permission or damaged. This may include burglary, arson, theft, vandalism and extortion. Your lawyer will explain the court process and expectations of the upcoming court process.

If you are convicted of this type of offence, your sentence may include a fine, restitution payments, community service or possible jail time.

The factors considered when assigning this sentence include value of the stolen or damaged property, compelling evidence and the type of offence.

Your lawyer at Roulston Urquhart will work tirelessly to defend any type of property, theft and fraud charges against you. All possible defences will be considered to avoid a possible criminal record or jail time.


What are Property Offences?

These charges involve property taken or possessed without permission, along with damage done to items. These offences may also be referred to as theft, possession of stolen property or mischief.

What defences do I have against these types of charges?

Roulston Urquhart Criminal Defence is very knowledgeable in developing superior defences to property, fraud and theft charges. Your lawyer will identify potential weaknesses in the Crown Prosecutor’s case and challenge whether elements of the offence have been proven.

The evidence obtained through a search and seizure is heavily relied upon for this type of criminal charge. Your lawyer will scrutinize any search conducted to determine if your Charter rights were violated in any manner, which may result in evidence no longer being admissible at your trial.

Is it possible that my charges will be withdrawn?

If you do not have a criminal record and have been charged with an offence such as mischief or theft of property, you may be eligible to resolve your matter through the Alternatives Measures Program (AMP). By enrolling in AMP, you are taking responsibility for the alleged act. Through negotiations with the Crown Prosecutor and your lawyer, specific conditions will be set for you to follow. Once these conditions are properly completed, the Crown Prosecutor will withdraw the charge and you will not receive a criminal record.

Similarly, the Mental Health Diversion Program (MHD) empowers individuals to have their criminal charge withdrawn. MHD is specifically for accused persons experiencing mental health issues. Both of these programs, AMP and MHD, require the consent of the Crown Prosecutor.

What happens if I am found guilty?

A conviction of a property offence may range from a small fine to a period of imprisonment, depending on the circumstances of your case. For instance, the court may impose a more severe penalty if you were in a position of trust when you committed the offence.

The lawyers at Roulston Urquhart have an excellent understanding of the law and will explain in great detail all potential options for your unique case. Call us today for a free consultation.

Relevant Cases

Our past cases prove the practical and effective results in successfully defending and negotiating criminal charges. We will provide you with a step-by-step plan to defend your charges and ideally resolve before trial. Our criminal defence lawyer’s goal is to protect your criminal record and your freedom.


R v K.M. [Okotoks Provincial Court]

Offence: Assault with a Weapon & Property Damage Under $5000

Result: Charges Withdrawn & No Criminal Record

The client was charged with committing assault with a weapon and damaging property not exceeding $5,000. Tonii Roulston reviewed the file and entered negotiations with the Crown Prosecutor, arguing that all charges should be withdrawn. All charges were withdrawn. The client had no convictions and no criminal record.