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Internet Crime

Internet Crime Lawyers

Your legal defence team against Internet & Cyber Crime Offences.

Internet crimes include unlawful offences that involve the use of electronic devices, such as criminal harassment. There are specialized units within law enforcement that investigate suspected crimes involving computers, tablets, personal digital assistants or mobile devices. If the police can provide reasonable grounds that an offence has been committed, a search warrant can be obtained to seize all your electronic devices.

If you are under investigation or have been accused of a criminal offence involving the internet, your first step is to speak with Roulston Urquhart Criminal Defence.

We will explain the allegations and the law surrounding internet crime. We have successfully defended individuals who have been accused of participating in crimes involving the internet.

The penalties for internet and information technology crimes in Canada can be severe. This may include significant fines and jail time. Potential defences may be available that can result in an acquittal or lesser penalty. The Crown Prosecutor must prove each element of the offence in the criminal code. Your criminal lawyer at Roulston Urquhart will draw on our experience and technical knowledge to argue in your defence and seek the best outcome possible.


What is considered an internet crime?

Internet crime is a quickly expanding area of law. These offences include fraud, impersonation, child pornography, harassment and child luring.

If I’m charged with an internet crime, what are my potential defences?

Local police forces and other law enforcement agencies such as C.S.I.S.. (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) frequently patrol the internet and chat rooms for illegal activity. These agencies surveying the internet, are highly specialized and conduct undercover operations, along with technical analysis of computer data. The lawyers at Roulston Urquhart Criminal Defence have significant experience in this area of law and can identify problems with the investigation against you to identify weaknesses in the Crown Prosecutor’s case.

In many cases, law enforcement may obtain search warrants and production orders to obtain information from your computer system. This can include subscriber information to be used for identification based on your IP address. If a warrant or production order has been obtained, your lawyer at Roulston Urquhart will determine if any of your Charter rights were violated during this process.

What happens if I am found guilty of an internet crime?

Since the area of internet crime includes many types of criminal charges, sentencing is highly dependent on the specific situation. For instance, if the internet crime is accessing, possessing or distributing child pornography, the sentence will be severe. If the internet crime alleged is less severe, the sentence will not include as harsh conditions.

Your lawyer at Roulston Urquhart Criminal defence will evaluate the circumstances of your case and argue for the most proportionate sentence possible.

Relevant Cases

Our past cases prove the practical and effective results in successfully defending and negotiating criminal charges. We will provide you with a step-by-step plan to defend your charges and ideally resolve before trial. Our criminal defence lawyer’s goal is to protect your criminal record and your freedom.


R v S.P.M. [Calgary Provincial Court]

Offence: Possess Child Pornography, Access Child Pornography and Distribution of Child Pornography

Result: Reduced Jail Sentence and SOIRA Order

The client was charged with numerous offences involving child pornography. The client was facing a three to four-year jail sentence and SOIRA order of 10 years. Tonii Roulston reviewed the file and entered negotiations with the Crown Prosecutor. Tonii Roulston secured a two-year federal sentence for the client and a reduced SOIRA order of 8 years.

R v L.B. [Calgary Court of Queen’s Bench]

Offence: 19 offences including child pornography and luring

Result: The client pleaded guilty to 2 counts, while the remaining 17 counts were withdrawn.

The client was charged with 19 substantive offences including several counts of making and accessing child pornography, and 5 counts of luring. After discussion between counsel, the client plead guilty to only 2 counts and received a 2 year incarceratory term while the remaining 17 counts were withdrawn.

R v J.P. [Calgary Provincial Court]

Offence: Child Pornography

Result: Peace Bond

The client was charged for making child pornography, and seven counts of arranging a sexual offence against a minor. The charges were resolved through a Peace Bond and our client obtained no criminal record.