Breach Charges

Failure to comply with condition of undertaking or recognizance.

Breaches include everything from breaching conditions of bail or probation to failing to attend for court or identification, to contravening court orders, such as violating terms of a driving prohibition or weapons prohibition.

Though some may view these offences as being less serious or technical in nature, convictions for these kinds of crimes supply the State with powerful tools to justify incarceration should a person come into contact with the criminal justice system in the future. Sometimes, even one conviction for a breach can be a considerable impact on your ability to be released on bail.

Courts are becoming increasingly more likely to impose highly restrictive conditions, such as house arrest or curfew, and some circumstances make it impossible or unreasonable to follow these conditions. Even if you have a reasonable excuse for the commission of breach, the Prosecutor may proceed with the charges. Roulston Criminal Defence Firm can identify lawful justifications and make sure that you have the opportunity to voice your version of events.

Your breach charges might be withdrawn if you are eligible for the Alternative Measures Program (AMP) and successfully complete the AMP conditions. 

Often times, those charged with a breach are also facing substantial charges like Theft. Roulston Criminal Defence can act on your behalf in negotiating a comprehensive resolution which includes the withdrawal of your breach charges.