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Roulston Urquhart Criminal Defence Week in Review

By August 21, 2015August 29th, 2023No Comments

Week in Review

The Lawyers at Roulston Urquhart Criminal Defence firm have endeavoured to bring you this update about what our lawyers are doing in the Criminal Justice system.

This week our Lawyers made several court appearances in Calgary, Lethbridge, Cochrane, Canmore, Airdrie, Siksika, and Edmonton, setting matters for trial, resolving matters, and running trials.

Tonii Roulston attended trial this week on a charge of assault causing bodily harm. Due to her negotiations, the client had a successful outcome without having to go to trial. Tonii attended a preliminary inquiry on a sexual assault and set the matter over to arraignment court, at which time the matter will be schedule for trial in the Court of Queen’s Bench. She also attended a pre-trial conference on a significant murder trial. Several pre-trial motions were discussed and time-lines arranged for the upcoming multi-week trial between the counsel on the file.

Robin McIntyre had several appearances in Calgary Provincial Court. She ran a trial where the client was charged with failing to provide a sample of his breath on the roadside screening device. Robin successfully argued that the police did not have the grounds to make the roadside breath demand. The client was acquitted at trial, and therefore did not obtain a criminal record. She also negotiated the release of two clients from custody. The clients are now on bail, rather than awaiting trial in the Calgary Remand Center. One of her Clients turned himself in on outstanding warrants, including drug trafficking. Robin was able to negotiate with the police officers at the arrest processing unit to have him released rather then transported to the Remand Center.

Alin Mayer spent the week negotiating resolutions for Clients. Often times it may not be in the best interest of the Client to take their matter to trial. The lawyers at Roulston Urquhart Criminal Defence are able to negotiate with the Crown prosecutors, and argue in court for reduced sentences. Alin was able to negotiate a resolution for a client on a traffic ticket where he was at risk of losing his licence. The client was able to keep his licence and pay a fine. She resolved a matter for a client where he pled guilty to a breach under the Youth Criminal Justice Act and was sentenced to a low fine. The Client’s adult criminal charges were withdrawn and the client did not receive a criminal record. She also appeared for Tonii Roulston on a file where the client was charged with possession of MDMA where a successful negotiation resulted in a 6-month conditional discharge. After 6 months if the client complies with the conditions, he will be discharged and will not receive a criminal record.

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