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What to Expect When Giving Testimony in Court- Takeaways from Johnny Depp’s Trial

By July 3, 2022No Comments

The thought of testifying on the witness stand is very stressful for many accused persons. This has only been intensified by the recent Johnny Depp versus Amber Heard trial. When Johnny Depp took the stand and provided testimony, it highlighted the importance of the accused person having the opportunity to speak.

What can I expect if I testify on the stand?

The purpose of your time on the stand is to confirm key details and present your understanding of the event. During the direct and cross examination, the questions asked of you will be a mix of open and closed. Open ended questions are often used to allow the accused the opportunity to tell their story. Your lawyer will use mainly open-ended questions during your direct examination. Closed questions are used to verify facts and intended to be answered by a yes or no response. The cross examination is completed by the opposing counsel asking primarily closed questions.

How will Roulston Urquhart help me when I’m on the stand?

Often the accused is fearful to take the stand and worries that their answers will be twisted by opposing counsel. The video of Johnny Depp being questioned by Amber Heard’s defence team shows the intensity of the courtroom. At Roulston Urquhart Criminal Defence, it is our job to ensure that you are supported before and during your time in front of the court. You will complete extensive preparation before your trial to understand the types of questions you may be asked. While in the witness seat, your lawyer will have your back and ensure that you are only being asked appropriate questions by the Prosecution. We will not hesitate to object if the line of questioning against you is irrelevant or argumentative. Just as Johnny Depp’s lawyers consistently objected to unsuitable questions or unverified evidence, our lawyers will ensure you are appropriately represented to the judge or jury.

What can be learned from Johnny Depp’s appearance on the stand?

Appearing on the stand as the accused is not an experience that should be feared. As shown by Johnny Depp, you as the accused hold a valuable role in the trial process. Depp was observed answering questions with honest and clarity to the best of his ability. This is the exact approach that all accused persons should follow. Your time as a witness is a positive contribution to your case and your lawyer at Roulston Urquhart will ensure you are empowered during this experience.

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