R v A.A.

Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench

Counsel: Andrea Urquhart and Jeanine Zahara
Offence: First Degree Murder
Result: First degree murder charge withdrawn

A.A was charged with first degree murder. The allegation was that she planned and participated in a murder when she was 15 years of age. Before the commencement of trial a number of pre-trial motions were made where Andrea argued that key pieces of evidence including a journal and statement made by the RCMP were obtained in violation of the young persons rights. The Court agreed and excluded from evidence a journal and a statement A.A had given to the RCMP. After the evidentiary rulings Crown counsel agreed to withdraw the charge of first degree murder if the young person entered a guilty plea to conspiracy to commit murder. The young person was ultimately sentenced to time served (1 year in custody plus probation).

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