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Criminal defence lawyers

A team of highly skilled Calgary criminal lawyers dedicated to defending you with a smart, assertive, strategic, defence.

Tonii Roulston

Tonii K. Roulston

Tonii K. Roulston believes it is her responsibility to proactively protect her clients from criminal allegations that can cause harm to family, reputation and employment.

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Andrea Urquhart

Andrea M. Urquhart

Focusing her legal practice solely in the area of criminal defence, Andi Urquhart is a powerful advocate for all those who seek her counsel regardless of what charges they face.

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Robin Mcintyre

Robin McIntyre

Robin McIntyre is a dedicated advocate, intent on achieving the best results for her clients. She successfully represents clients facing all types of criminal charges in court.

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Jeanine Zahara

Jeanine Zahara

Jeanine Zahara is a passionate advocate and avid legal researcher who believes that everyone deserves dedicated legal representation regardless of the type of charges they are facing.

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Kirsten Lancee

Kirsten Lancee is a dynamic advocate, who believes strongly in the presumption of innocence and her role to strategically defend clients against any criminal charge to ensure the best results.

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The lawyers at Roulston Urquhart Criminal Defence work as a team and will often collaborate to ensure to leave no stone unturned in defending you. But when you hire a specific lawyer, it is that lawyer who is negotiating, strategizing and at the helm of your case.

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