Sexual Offences

Sexual offences refer to a number of charges including sexual interference, exploitation and most commonly sexual assault.

Sexual offences refer to a number of charges including sexual interference, exploitation and most commonly sexual assault.

Sexual assault is an intentional application of force of a sexual nature or in circumstances that are sexual.

Sexual Exploitation charges refer to sexual contact applied by a person in a position of authority.

Sexual Interference is touching of a person under 16 in a sexual manner, and Sexual Invitation is inviting a person under 16 to touch another person in a sexual manner.

Consent is significant defence in sexual assault cases where the alleged victim is over the age of 16.  Consent is not available as a defence if the alleged victim is under the age of 16. Consent is also not available if you are in a position of authority or trust and the alleged victim is under the age of 18. Other defences are often available even if Consent is not an available defence.

Testimony from alleged victims is often pivotal to sexual offence prosecutions so it is essential to have a lawyer who can effectively cross-examine the witnesses and allow you to communicate your version of events.

Roulston Criminal Defence has been recognized for defending some of the highest profile and difficult sexual assault cases.  Our firm understands that the allegations of sexual assault alone could have a significant impact on your life.  If you have been charged with a Sexual Offence, you want an experienced defence lawyer who will protect your rights, cross examine the alleged victim with vigour and make sure you get to tell your side of the story.

Most sexual offences can result in incarceration and a probationary period. Certain offences like sexual assault on minors have minimum jail sentences. The nature of the charges, the age of the complainant, position of trust and authority, and prior criminal history are just some of the factors taken into account by the courts.

If you are convicted for certain sexual offences including sexual assault exploitation and interference, you will be entered into the Sexual Offender’s Information Registry (SOIRA).

From jail time to sexual offender registration, there are a lot of potential consequences for sexual assault charges in Canada.  The stigma of a sex crime could impact your personal and professional life. Our team of lawyers understand the importance of discretion, and will ensure that your rights and privacy are protected throughout the legal process.

We truly care about the effect on your life before, during, and after the accusation, the charges, and the trial. Our knowledge and experience will be put to use in your case that could lead to reduced charges or penalties, or dismissed charges. We will explore all your options when determining the best possible sexual assault defence.

The Sexual Offender’s Information Registry is a database created by the Canadian Government that requires those convicted with certain sexual offences to register and disclose personal information to police. Registry occurs every year for a period ranging from 10 years to life, depending on the nature and number of offences.

The public does not have access to SOIRA.