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Andrea M. Urquhart

Since being called to the bar Ms. Urquhart has quickly built a reputation as a tireless and powerful advocate for her clients who are charged with criminal offences.  Ms. Urquhart’s experience includes defending clients against a wide range of criminal litigation including murder charges, drug prosecutions (ranging from the importation of kilograms of cocaine to Canada, to production of illegal substances to simple possession), sexual assault, assault, impaired driving and fraud.

Ms. Urquhart has been counsel in a number of high profile cases including securing release for her client on Conspiracy to Commit murder charges, securing the release of her client who was charged with 9 counts of aggravated sexual assault and acting as counsel in the infamous gang homicide known as the “New Years Day Bolsa Triple Murder”.

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Criminal Lawyer with experience

Before joining Roulston Criminal Defence Firm, Ms. Urquhart articled with the Provincial Court of Alberta. In her 10 months with the Court she was responsible for researching and writing legal opinions that were used to assist Provincial Court Judges in their assessment of legal issues. Working closely with numerous Judges has provided Ms Urquhart a unique perspective enabling her to develop and present an effective and persuasive defence on behalf of her clients.

After her clerkship, Ms. Urquhart completed her articles with ROULSTONCHOW, a leading criminal defence firm. Under the supervision of her mentor Tonii K. Roulston and David G. Chow, Ms. Urquhart quickly began taking on tough cases and defining herself as passionate criminal defence lawyer.

Educational background

Ms. Urquhart completed an Honours Degree in Political Science from the University of Alberta. She graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor in Laws in 2010. In her graduating year Ms. Urquhart was on the Dean’s List, an academic ranking generated by the Faculty of Law, that recognizes the top 10 students in each year for their academic achievement. While in the Faculty of Law Ms. Urquhart was committed to Student Legal Assistance, a non-profit legal assistance clinic, that provided legal services to economically disadvantaged individuals. In 2010 she was elected by her peers to the role of Student Director of the organization. In 2010 she was also awarded with the Provincial Court Judges Award.

Professional Affiliations

Ms. Urquhart is a member of a number of professional organizations including the Law Society of Alberta, Alberta Criminal Defence Lawyers Association and the largest organization for Criminal Defence lawyers in the United States the National Association of Criminal Defence Lawyers (NACDL). Through the NACDL Ms. Urquhart attends numerous conferences to learn innovative ways criminal cases are being defended in the United States. These conferences have included: “Forensic Science and the Law” and “Criminal Conspiracy Seminar”.

Recent criminal cases

R v S.W. [Calgary Court of Queen’s Bench]

The client was found guilty of 1st degree murder. Tonii Roulston and Andrea Urquhart represented the client. Despite a Mr. Big confession, the jury took 3 days to render their verdict.

The matter is currently under Appeal.

R v R. H. [Calgary Court of Queen’s Bench]

Homicide: 3 counts of First-Degree Murder Withdrawn

The client was charged with 3 counts of First-degree murder for shooting and killing 3 people in a restaurant. Tonii Roulston and Andrea Urquhart filed numerous motions on behalf of the client for trial. The Crown agreed to withdraw all 3 First–degree murders and the client plead guilty to 1 second-degree murder. The client was eligible for parole at 17 years as opposed to a 3 x 25 year life sentences.

R. v. S.P. [Lethbridge Provincial Court]

The client was charged with possession of cocaine and marijuana for the purpose of trafficking. Andrea Urquhart represented one of the co-accused and Robin McIntyre represented the other co-accused. The Crown prosecutor brought an application alleging that Robin McIntyre and Andrea Urquhart were in a conflict of interest. Robin McIntyre and Andrea Urquhart successfully argued that there was no conflict of interest. Both counsel were able to continue representing their respective clients.

R. v. T.P. [Cochrane Provincial Court]

T.P. was charged with arson in connection with a fire at the Morley Recreation Centre gymnasium.  The value of damage was estimated at 1 million dollars.  Crown counsel was opposed to T.P.’s release. Ms. Urquhart argued that T.P should be released on strict conditions particularly in light of what she described as a weak Crown case against her client.  

Result: The Judge agreed with submissions of Ms. Urquhart and ordered her client’s release on a no cash bail pending his trial.

R. v. J.L et al. Court of Queen’s Bench (Calgary)

Client charged with production of a controlled substance, possession of cannabis for the purposes of trafficking, possession of cannabis resin for the purposes of trafficking and possession of a machete for a dangerous purpose.  

Result:  At the preliminary inquiry Ms. Urquhart successfully argued to have her client discharged of the production of a controlled substance offence.  On May 29, 2015 shortly before the weeklong Court of Queen’s Bench trial was set to commence, Crown counsel stayed the remaining charges against her client.