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Roulston Urquhart Criminal Defence Week in Review

By August 10, 2015August 29th, 2023No Comments

The Lawyers at Roulston Urquhart Criminal Defence firm have endeavoured to bring you this weekly update about what our lawyers are doing in the Criminal Justice system each week.

Our team appeared throughout Alberta this week making Court appearances for our clients in Lethbridge, Fort McLeod, Taber, Okotoks, Calgary, and Edmonton.  The nature of these appearances ranged from trials to docket appearances, where not guilty pleas were tendered and trial dates were scheduled.

Tonii Roulston travelled to Edmonton for an impaired driving/ over 80 trial.  Tonii had filed Charter notice with the Court and Crown prosecutor prior to trial, outlining the Charter issues in the case. On the morning of trial Tonii negotiated a resolution for her client to ensure that he would not receive a criminal record. Earlier in the week she also entered a Client into the Alternative Measure Program, a diversion program that is offered at the Crown’s discretion.  If the Client successfully completes the requirements of AMP, the charges will be withdrawn.

Andrea Urquhart spent most of the week in Newfoundland where she enjoyed the ocean, the lobster and the screech (well maybe not the screech).  While in Newfoundland Andrea worked on and submitted Charter arguments on behalf of her client with respect to an upcoming robbery trial which is scheduled at the end of August.  

Robin McIntyre appeared in Lethbridge on a triple homicide matter and adjourned the matter, as significant disclosure remained outstanding.  It is imperative to have disclosure before a lawyer can properly advise their client as to what steps are most appropriately taken in their case.  She also negotiated a matter with the Crown resulting in having a charge of failing to attend court withdrawn. 

Alin Mayer spent a large portion of her week travelling to and from the Calgary Remand Centre.  While meeting with clients at the Remand Centre she assisted a client with a “Rowbotham” Application.  A “Rowbotham” application is an application made on behalf an Accused person who is facing serious criminal charges and has been denied the assistance of Legal Aid.   If the application is granted the Court enters a conditional judicial stay of proceedings with respect to the proceeding until a lawyer is appointed. 

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